A project on the innovative zero-residue durum wheat of the Martesana territory.

Areas of intervention:
Martesana territory
  • To create a production protocol characterized by a rational application of every farming practice, especially those regarding protection from adversities, and by an optimized organization of the different operations of the durum wheat industry;
  • To obtain a “zero-residue” product for consumers, equivalent to the biological product (presence of PPP residue < 0.01 ppm), with high levels of yield and safety, typical of conventional agriculture;
  • To lead to the creation of a zero-residue Martesana durum wheat industry.

Project co-financed by Operation 16.1.01 “PEI Operating Groups” of FEASR-Programme of Rural Development 2014-2020.

  • Università degli Studi di Torino – Department of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences
  • D.A.M.A. – Distretto Agricolo Adda Martesana (Agricultural District Adda Martesana)
  • Azienda agricola Pirola
  • Azienda agricola La Madonnina
  • Azienda agricola Mapi
  • Azienda agricola Ceriani Maria Antonia
  • Azienda agricola San Bernardo
  • Azienda agricola Donà Mariangela