GEP trials

Agricola 2000 conducts tests to evaluate the efficacy of PPPs used in agriculture following the internationally recognized guidelines(EPPO).

The tests performed in the several locations distributed throughout Europe are conducted by experts in the field with the support of the most updated technologies to efficiently offer ever more accurate and objective data.

Agricola 2000’s consultancy actively supports the companies even in the subsequent promotion of the products through demonstrative fields organized to show and strategically present the data obtained.

Products tested

Efficacy evaluation of weed management products and their selectivity on crops. Such evaluations are conducted with regards to the activity of the product applied, its time of application and the stage of crop growth.


The evaluation includes population monitoring to define the exact moment of application, the detection of insecticide resistance, the studies on product persistence and spectrum of action, and the selectivity towards useful species.
The trials are conducted on all kinds of products: contact, systemic, ingestion, ovicidal and larvicidal.
Agricola 2000 also performs efficacy tests during the food storing phase.
The main species of nematodes present in the soil and the roots are identified and quantified.


Organization of several kinds of trials with synthetic and biological products with foliar application, drip irrigation, drenching, endotherapy, seed treatment and post-harvest.
Possibility of using fungi isolated in Agricola 2000’s laboratory from both the field and other research institutes, to ensure a higher and more homogeneous presence of the pathogen.
Agricola 2000’s phytopathologic laboratory is specialized in Baseline Sensitivity Studies in vitro or in combination with screening studies in planta, in greenhouse and growth chamber.

Other focuses:
Campo Demo - Demonstrative trials

In 2014, in collaboration with the University of Turin, Agricola 2000 organized the first Campo Demo, a concrete, dynamic and functional initiative for the companies to actively promote their PPPs through their active participation in demonstrative fields. From then on, numerous editions have been organized every year, with new partners as well, and ever more diversified for crops and products tested. It is also a beneficial opportunity to incentivize discussion regarding new sustainable solutions and new techniques for crop protection.