The services offered by Agricola 2000 are based on a constant up-to-date use of technologies to gather ever more complete and objective results in the daily analysis procedures. At the same time, specialized experts of the field are integrated in the team to guarantee cutting-edge expertise in achieving the results for the designed projects.

Open field evaluations

Aerial non-invasive evaluations with drones to gather more consistent information, both qualitative and quantitative.

  • Data analysis processes: the working protocol is drafted based on the requirements of the project and the objective is to generate more useful results; the process identifies a useful area unit and the type of statistical analysis to implement on the analysed area (maximum, minimum, mode, mean, variance);
  • Plot maps study: through the digitization of the field map and the superimposition of aerial maps the information can be divided among the different plots; such an approach is essential in experimental practices as it allows for data processing on a single map unit, thus minimizing the relevant variables.
  • Classification maps and value assignment: data are fragmented into classes through a quantile-bases approach. To each class a value is then assigned, therefore each parcel can be evaluated and analysed.
  • Work is simplified for the technicians in the field and variables are reduces in human evaluations;
  • Gathering of useful raw data to extract precious information on each single unit, thanks also to the comparison of field schematics with the data gathered through aerial pictures (GIS software).

Evaluations in a controlled environment

Growth boxes for digital images acquisition in controlled environment.

  • Complete information on data such as the estimate of leaf surface area, soil coverage and fruit color.
  • Evaluation of root surface and measurement of infected leaf surface area.

Extraction of more precise quantitative data

In the field of experimentation, an estimated that originates from a mathematical regression is not always acceptable. From information such as the physical characteristics of the plant (color, size, height), field structure, plot sowing layout, the introduction of cutting-edge technological devices allows us to precisely characterize:

  • Plant count through high-definition images and the classification process;
  • Plant height through digital modeling of the soil and the crop.
  • More precise, complete and objective measurements;
  • Reporting of representative images of the actual field, useful for the company both for internal monitoring and promotional purposes.

Photographic services and professional videos

Video production and professional photographic services both on the ground and aerial using specific technologies for the different needs and experience of skilled experts.

  • High-definition aerial images;
  • Orthomosaic for vast areas;
  • Panoramic images;
  • High-altitude images or videos.

Vegetation index maps

Typologies of calculated maps:

  • GreenNDVI and RedNDVI for biomass concentration and photosynthetic activity;
  • MSAVI – evolution of NDVI maps – for those crops whose development generally does not entirely cover the soil;
  • segmentation maps to identify the percentage of covered soil and the percentage of germination for a specific crop;
  • evaluations on phytotoxic effects;
  • evaluations on vigor.
  • Production costs are reduced for a single map as compared to using satellite products;
  • Guarantee of repeatability during the entire analysis period.