Biostimulants and nutrition

Agricola 2000 co-designs with agricultural products companies an experimental protocol aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of biostimulant products from the first experimental phases to commercialization of the product through marketing trials such as demonstrative fields.

The evaluated claims are: nutrient use efficiency (NUE), qualitative aspects, availability of nutrients contained in the soil and the rhizosphere and the tolerance to abiotic stresses (water, salinity, heat, light and others), through the replication both in the open field and in a controlled environment (growth chambers and greenhouses).

The support of the most up to date technologies helps in efficiently obtaining increasingly accurate and objective data.

Product characterization
1. Agronomic Analyses
2. Physiological Analyses
3. Biochemical Analyses
4. Omics Analyses
Regulatory Affairs

Agricola 2000 offers support in the registration of biostimulant products according to the requisites pursuant to European Regulation 2019/1009, which defines the rules regarding the introduction of fertilizing products in the EU market.

In addition, thanks to its facility in Spain, Agricola 2000 offers the possibility to register special fertilizers (group 4.4 – Special products based on micro-organisms) in Attachment 1 of Spanish Royal Decree 506/2013 in effect, following the mentioned criteria to prove the agronomical effectiveness of the products.

Marketing support

Agricola 2000 is specialized in the organization of demonstrative fields useful in the promotion of the products, offering the possibility to directly see the results of the application of the aforementioned products in the field.