The valorization of the productsentrusted to Agricola 2000 happens through detailed studies, field trials and consultancies from a team of experts.

Trials for evaluating the effectiveness of phytosanitary products in agriculture, conducted by experts through all of Europewith support in promoting such products through demonstrative fields.

Tailor-made co-design of the research, experimentation and commercializationprocess of bioprotectionproducts of biological origin.

Creation of di structured experimental protocolsalong with the companies for the development of biostimulantsin a controlled environment and their promotion.

Residue studies on crops, in compliance to theGood Laboratory Practices for the registration of the products and food safety.

Trials and evaluations of new genotypes of agricultural species obtained through genetic improvement and their promotion through demonstrative fields.

Development of national and international projects, partnerships with cmpanies and training services for farmers, consultants and distributors.