Training & Projects

Over the years Agricola 2000 has structured and managed along with institutions and companies several research projects on a national and international level . In addition to this, Agricola 2000 offers useful training services for farmers, consultants and distributors of phytosanitary products.
1. National and International projects

National projects

Projects in the food farming and environmental sector, conducted in collaboration with universities, local institutions, food districts, farming and agricultural companies.

International projects

Projects in Europe and in developing countries, to participate in programs aimed at the development of technologies for farming systems and food production.

An integral part of each project is reporting the results through informative material and the organization of seminars and/or ad hoc activities in the field. These activities are conducted in collaboration with media partners in the field.

2. Functional checks for spraying machines

Agricola 2000 is a Testing Facility authorized by Regione Lombardia (Aut. Reg. IT/03/MI/03) and has at its disposal a mobile center that can travel within the regional territory with the necessary equipment to certify and calibrate the spraying machines. After each positive check and/or calibration, the relative identifying sticker and the check report are issued.

The Legislative Decree N. 150 of 14/08/2012 that follows the European Directive 2009/128/CE on the sustainable use of PPPs adopted by professional operators states that:

  • the period between two checks must not exceed three years starting from 01/01/2021;
  • the new equipment purchased after 26/11/2011 must undergo a first functional check within five years of its purchase.

The only exceptions to the aforementioned rules are related to:

  • the equipment used by a third party, for which the check must be conducted within two years of its purchase and then every two years;
  • the equipment used in areas that are frequented by the public (such as parks, streets, railways) for which the check must be conducted annually.

3. Training Course on Sustainable Use of Phytosanitary Products

Agricola 2000, in affiliation with the Training Center PVI Formazione UOFAA (accredited at the Albo operatori per la Formazione di Regione Lombardia, sez. B n. 882), organizes courses for the issue of phytosanitary licenses.