L’Agricoltura dei Monaci

The project was designed to promote the fruition of an extremely rich territory under every aspect: from the history to the environment and landscape, in addition to farming.

Areas of intervention:
Morimondo and neighboring municipalities
  • To emphasize the role of agriculture in creating and maintaining the landscape, while enhancing the characteristic agricultural productions;
  • To highlight the connection between the religiousness of the community and the rural world;
  • To enhance the touristic side related to agricultural activities (educational farms, agri-tourism, biological and/or high-quality agricultural productions, horseback riding, etc.);
  • To show in the open field the organizational and economic factors obtained from the introduction of important technological innovations (naturalistic engineering, use of drones) and the optimization of rice production with spring water;
  • To promote new synergies between different partners of the project.

Integrated Area Project, financed by Operation 16.10.02 of FEASR-Rural Development Programme 2014-2020.

  • Agricola 2000
  • Associazione La realtà, il bello e il vero
  • Azienda agricola fratelli Redaelli – Giovanni Vittorio Carlo s.s.
  • Azienda agricola Forni Francesco
  • Azienda agricola Forni Marco
  • Azienda agricola Negri
  • Azienda agricola Ranzani Angelo
  • Azienda agricola Rosti Gianluca
  • Abbiategrasso Municipality
  • Morimondo Municipality
  • Foundation Abatia Sancte Marie de Morimundo
  • Foundation IRCCS Ca’ Granda Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico
  • Lombard Park of the Ticino River
  • Società agricola Assandri
  • Società agricola Rosti s.s.
  • Società agricola Baraggia Roma
  • Società agricola Beretta
  • Società agricola Corti Gabriele
  • Società agricola e agrituristica Cascina Selva
  • Società agricola TAI s.a.s.