DEMO-FARM for the realization of demonstrative and informative actions on the application of sustainable use of PPPs on sites of the Natura 2000 network.

Areas of intervention:
SPZ – “Lomellina Paddy Fields”
  • To set up a demo-farm in which to apply, in the context of rice and maize cultivation, the principles of sustainable use of PPPs, with a particular focus on what is prescribed for Natura 2000 areas
  • To carry out experimental actions and activities aimed at conservation and improvement of biodiversity in Natura 2000 Network Sites;
  • To support agricultural companies in facing the complexity regarding the sustainable use of PPPs and the actuation of mitigating measures as prescribed by DGR 1736 of March 11, 2019;
  • To promote the actuation of mitigating measures according to the guidelines for the reduction of the use of PPPs and their relative risks in Natura 2000 Sites;
  • To promote the adoption of innovative techniques with a low use of PPPs in maize and rice cultivations;
  • To inform the agricultural professionals operating in Natura 2000 about the importance of biodiversity and its protection
  • To supply adequate informative tools for the professional education of phytosanitary consultants.

Project co-financed by Operation 1.2.01 “Demonstrative projects and informative actions” of Programme of Rural Development 2014-2020 of Regione Lombardia.

  • Pavia province
  • Università di Pavia – Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Agricola 2000
  • Società agraria di Lombardia